Designed and made by Conway Electric the Extō is an industrial-inspired power distributor with a modern finish.  The cord is long enough to share electricity in the center of most rooms or is handsome enough to have on your desk or side tables.

Hand-built in Colorado, Extōs have dual tamper-resistant, three-prong sockets in a rubber enclosure. The housing and cover are powder coated white. Non-slip, non-marking feet will keep the Extō in place and raised of any surface. The cover is secured with a flat stainless socket-head machine bolt; it’s stronger and more tamper resistant. Braided cotton or rayon covered wire is sourced from the USA in various colors.

  • 12 ft cord length covered in cotton/rayon
  • 3-conductor cord rated to max. 300 volts at 150C
  • UL-listed 3 prong brass, rubber plug
  • slip-resistant & non-marking synthetic feet

* For use indoors with small appliances. If you’re not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional. This cord is rated to 720Watts and not for use with high-voltage appliances.

Price – $75.00

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