About Us

Bob and Becky Kevoian, retired and ready for adventure!

Bob retired after 33 years as co-host of the nationally syndicated The Bob & Tom Show. Becky is a semi-retired studio singer and voice-over artist. We are the parents of three grown sons between us, and now have a brand new grandson Andrew.

Our family lives close by, and although traveling is a high priority, we choose to take multiple trips a year rather than hit the road full-time. Some of our trips last a few days, and sometimes we leave town for several weeks.

Our June Bug is a 2014 Airstream International Sterling edition, 25FB. We tow with a 2016 Ford F250, in a beautiful silver color to match! We make quite a sight along the highways…like a little silver train chugging along. Look for us, honk or flash your lights, and wave as we go by. We also have a 2016 Airstream Interstate that we use for tailgating at Colts games. We call it the Steely Van (how cute is that?), and sometimes our family drive it to join us on a camping adventure.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our journeys! We live in the heartland and venture out across the country when time allows. Check back frequently and see where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. And please sign up for e-mail notification when we add new posts. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

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