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Bob and Becky Kevoian, retired and ready for adventure!

Bob retired after 33 years as co-host of the nationally syndicated The Bob & Tom Show. Becky is a semi-retired studio singer and voice-over artist. We are the parents of three grown sons between us, and now have a brand new grandson Andrew.

Our family lives close by, and although traveling is a high priority, we choose to take multiple trips a year rather than hit the road full-time. Some of our trips last a few days, and sometimes we leave town for several weeks.

Our June Bug is a 2014 Airstream International Sterling edition, 25FB. We tow with a 2016 Ford F250, in a beautiful silver color to match! We make quite a sight along the highways…like a little silver train chugging along. Look for us, honk or flash your lights, and wave as we go by. We also have a 2016 Airstream Interstate that we use for tailgating at Colts games. We call it the Steely Van (how cute is that?), and sometimes our family drive it to join us on a camping adventure.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our journeys! We live in the heartland and venture out across the country when time allows. Check back frequently and see where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. And please sign up for e-mail notification when we add new posts. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!


  1. nana1

    Hi Becky. Bob just made it home at 3:30 this morning from Atlanta. We got stuck with the storm that came thru and the valves all froze in the camper so it could not be winterized until it thawed out. We were supposed to be home last Monday! Oh well at least Disney was a blast. I so much enjoyed meeting you and Bob. The pics are such a hit, thanks again. Safe travels to you!

    • Diana McCarty

      Hi Becky how are you guys?

  2. nana1

    I don’t know why but my picture isn’t showing yet. This is Diana mccarty

  3. jwk

    What kind of mileage do you get using SUV pulling 26′ airstream?

    • Becky Kevoian

      Bob says we get about 10mpg towing the Airstream with the Mercedes GL450 6-cylinder! Thanks for checking out the blog…I hope you enjoy it.

      • jnuechte

        Bob/Becky, I see you used to tow your 25FB (7300GVWR, 833 tongue weight) with a GL450. I see you are now towing it with an F250 which looks to be a diesel. What made you decide to make the change? I ask because I am considering towing an Airstream 23D (6000 GVWR, 720 tongue weight) with a diesel BMW X5 which has respectivly similar towing capacity. Your information is greatly appreciated!!


  4. cbtimko1386

    Hello. I don’t know if you would find this interesting or not, but in from the Younstown, Warren area. We have quite a town and a lot of locally famous diners and restaurants. There are a few lakes to camp at. It can be quite unique. My hometown doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I would like to tell you more about it. That is if you want to hear it

    • Becky Kevoian

      Sure…we’re always interested in hearing about new places to visit! Thanks for checking out my little blog.

  5. mkreilein

    Hi Becky and Bob. Would love to have you guys join the Rambling Misfits, a camping club out of NJ that camps together all over the Northeast going to Maine, Cape May, Finger Lakes, and various spots in NY, NJ, and PA. Members from 30’s to 80’s with everything from a Jayco Ultra Lite to 40+’ Holiday Ramblers. We love to have new fun members!

    • Becky Kevoian

      Thanks, Vincent! I sure hope we get to camp together again soon. Enjoy your travels…happy trails to you.

  6. lakeo

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work and enjoy your travels. All the best to
    the Bob&Becky Show(insert chick announcer voice)

    • Becky Kevoian

      Thanks for reading! It’s cold now and the June Bug is winterized, but we’ll be back at it soon enough…

  7. brian simonds

    Happy retirement Bob I am going to miss you I drive truck for the u.s. post office & you made my mornings go by so much faster. Best to you & Becky I hope we will hear from you occasionally you are my favorite

    • Becky Kevoian

      Thanks, Brian. We are so thrilled to be officially retired now! And Bob and I are VERY eager to get back on the road in the June Bug. It won’t be long…

  8. Jim Naden

    Is there a way to add an avatar photo to appear with our comments?

  9. GDH1217

    This is something I dream about doing. Traveling and writing about those travels. If you get to the Oregon coast, make sure to do the whole Hwy 101 tour. There are lots of nice scenic areas to visit and a few “off the beaten path” areas you can discover. I could give you a few hints if needed. I can drive the coast blindfolded. Looking forward to living vicariously through your blog.

    • Becky Kevoian

      Thank you so much for reading my little stories. We LOVED the coast of Oregon, until we were evacuated from Bullards Beach state park for the giant storm moving in. I’ll be writing all about it soon, so check back!

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