Live from Checkerboard Square 2017

It’s our second annual podcast from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Bob and Becky are camping for five nights across from the entrance to the Indy 500, in a compound they call Checkerboard Square. This episode begins with a segment of question/answers “Ask Us Anything”, followed by a few special guests, including brother-in-law Frank to talk camp cooking. Josh Staton, the representative who provided some of the campers in the compound stopped by to talk about the number of campers out here, and finally Bob’s old friend Jerry Stoner and his wife Christie join us to talk about the time Paul McCartney gave Bob a little slap down.

Route 66 Podcast Story Board

Route 66 Museum, Elk City, Oklahoma Route 66 Museum - Closed on Sunday! Burlap "water bag" that proves Bob is old. Erick, Oklahoma Roger Miller Museum Erick, Oklahoma Corner of Roger Miller & Sheb Wooley Erick, Oklahoma "Mediocre Music Makers" Erick, Oklahoma...

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The Spectacular Oregon Coast

We’ve been “Back Home Again, in Indiana” for a few months now, and I’m just now finishing our posts from our big trip out west. When we arrived home, our busy life took over and then Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. Now it’s time to finish describing our...

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Bend, Oregon and Crater Lake

One of the most delightful things about not making firm reservations is our ability to change plans at the drop of a hat. We left the Columbia River area and drove down to Bend, Oregon so we could take a quick day trip to see Crater Lake. The weather was beginning to...

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Oregon along the Columbia River

All those days of boondocking along the Lochsa River meant we were ready for a night of full hookups, so we stopped at Hells Canyon RV Park in Clarkston, Washington to do laundry, clean house, and pay bills. The concrete pads and full hookups at this city RV park felt...

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Oh, Idaho! (A Journey Along Highway 12)

Our original timeline did not include a scenic drive through Idaho, but after reading and her experience along the Lochsa River (pronounced Lock-Saw), we modified our plans and found a truly memorable place. It’s not far from Flathead Lake to the...

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Where the Pavement Ends

Because we had “locals” to show us around Glacier and the surrounding area, we were able to experience something not many people have ever done. It was a day we won’t forget! North Fork of the Flathead River The North Fork of the Flathead River has a campground that...

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Glacier National Park

Whenever I have a quiet moment on this trip, I’ve been reading John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley, about his journey across and through the United States, camping with his dog, Charley. Steinbeck said it better than I ever could: “The next passage in my journey is...

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone was not a primary destination for this trip, but we’re glad we took the time to make a drive through. I’m sure if we had stayed for several days and camped nearby, we would have had an even better time. As it was, we drove slowly through the park and...

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Canyons and Towers

Spearfish Canyon When we began planning this long trip to the northwest, Bob and I listed places we “wanted” to see, some we “hoped” to see, and a few that we felt were “must” see locations. Spearfish Canyon was not on any of those lists, because neither of us knew it...

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Jackson Center Check-Up

Bob and Becky are preparing for their upcoming Wild West adventure, so they took the June Bug to Jackson Center, Ohio and the Airstream service center. For the podcast, they enjoyed a conversation with Bryan Melton, General Manager of Travel Trailers, and Tim Maxwell,...

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Fair Week

Our sister Lynne went on another big camping adventure, this time to the Henderson County Fair in Stronghurst, Illinois, our hometown. We hitched up the June Bug and headed west, with Lynne riding in my sister Susan’s Jeep. Our camp set-up was arranged in my childhood...

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Quincy Adventure with Lynne

Our latest camping trip was a special journey just for our sister Lynne. She is mentally handicapped and has some physical challenges as well, so the five nights we spent in the June Bug was just about the maximum we could handle. She’s a real trooper, though, and had...

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Checkerboard Square

It’s the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, and our annual tailgate is ready! We have parked 7 RVs in a big rectangle with a central courtyard and set up camp for 5 nights, directly across the street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Each family provides a...

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June Bug Screen Door Photo

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