Peek-A-Boo Park

Our little June Bug is parked in a common space area between our home (named Naughty Pines) and our Front House, the name of our guest home on the property. We had the area cleared of brush and weeds, leveled, and covered in artificial turf. There are pavers in place for the June Bug to park year-round. It’s a perfect little spot for parties and overnight camping for us or our guests looking for a little more adventure! Everybody wants to stay in an Airstream, right?


  1. Brian

    Love seeing you guys having a great time, and all the places y’all go.

    Please tell me the “Naughty Pines RV Park” will someday be a t-shirt for sale!

    • Becky Kevoian

      For some reason, I only now saw your GREAT idea for t-shirts. Thanks for the tip. It shall be done! (Thanks for checking the blog)

      • Gusmerman

        Yes Becky, Brian has a GREAT idea. I just got hooked up today following you & Bob, and hope to see ya’ll with our camper on the road. Shirts for Christmas !

  2. Captain Dave

    It looks like you are seeing some beautiful country we are privilaged to live in. I am jealous but we retire in Febuary 2017 and will be spending the whole month of March in Florida to start are retirment life. Wish you safe traveling.

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