Our original timeline did not include a scenic drive through Idaho, but after reading Just5MoreMinutes.com and her experience along the Lochsa River (pronounced Lock-Saw), we modified our plans and found a truly memorable place.

It’s not far from Flathead Lake to the border of Idaho, and we enjoyed the short drive into the great unknown. Route 12 closely follows the trail Lewis & Clark took as they headed toward the west coast of the country. I did enough research ahead of time to know Clearwater National Forest allows free camping along the river, so we drove Highway 12 until we found a spot we liked.


I don’t want to forget to give a little shout-out to the Lochsa Lodge, where we stopped to grab a couple of spectacularly delicious cheeseburgers before continuing into the wilderness. It’s also where we enjoyed our first peek at the wild river. http://www.lochsalodge.com

We ended up stopping near mile marker 137 at the White Pines river access site

It was beautiful and remote, so we set up camp for a few days to enjoy the perfect weather and our own private beach. There is another (even better) spot at about the same mile marker, but some squatter had parked their nasty old trailer there and left it. It wasn’t occupied and nobody ever came to the spot while we were there…camping foul! But we had no complaints about the campsite we chose. It was magnificent. Check it out:

On Sunday we were determined to watch the Colts play football. Alas, Bob’s satellite couldn’t locate a signal, so instead we enjoyed our morning coffee by the campfire and listened to Bob Lamey call the game via the truck’s satellite radio! Since we had no neighbors, we turned it up loud and rolled down the window. Voila…football.

Football: Ya gotta want it

Because there were no hookups, our generator got quite a bit of use. Bob has become an expert at tapping our truck gasoline via the GasTapper!

Generator + GasTapper

We spent our days fishing, exploring the narrow strip of wilderness, playing with the dogs, reading, and lounging by the campfire. Why do we camp? Days like these…

Vera Playing!

One evening I was sitting by the water watching the sunset and noticed several otters playing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

The beautiful Lochsa River in Idaho

My attempt at a Cairn…otherwise known as a pointless exercise to show I was here

Leaving the Lochsa

Where the Pavement Ends
Oregon along the Columbia River
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