Indiana winters can be bitter cold and we have varying degrees of snowfall. We’ve never had an Airstream over a winter, so it’s a new experience for us! This year I was able to capture a few pretty pictures of our June Bug next door at Peek-A-Boo Park.









My friend Kelley handmade a lovely Christmas ornament for us and it features the June Bug and a snowman wearing Bob’s trademark LA cap. She is so clever and creative!





Over the winter months we’re prepping the Airstream for a trip to Florida. We’ll be hitting St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and then drive down to Fort Wilderness at DisneyWorld. On our way back we’re planning one night at Manatee State Park and then Grayton Beach State Park before heading back to the snowy midwest.

We’ll be taking our yellow lab Vera again, and we’re hoping to see her enjoy the ocean for the first time, although I hear tell dogs aren’t allowed on Florida beaches. Might have to be a stealth walk!!

The trailer has been winterized so we don’t have running water or the use of our potty, but because it is parked only a few steps from our house, Bob and I have enjoyed a few cozy mornings with hot cups of coffee that we brew at home. It’s a nice get-away. We have to be careful to only turn the heat on the night before our coffee breaks, so the propane tanks don’t run out and leave us freezing!





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