We purchased a generator this year so we could travel to unknown places and not have to worry about draining the batteries of our Airstream.

We chose the Honda EU3000iS. 3000 watts of power, extremely quite, a convenient electric start and up to 20 hrs. of operation on 3.4 gallons of fuel.

This poses the question, how much extra gas do I carry? 5 gallons? 10 gallons? I just don’t know.

On thing is for sure, I don’t like hauling gas cans in the back of the truck.

I was thinking out loud with my brother-in-law Yale and said, “Why isn’t there a way to pump gas out of the truck into our generator sitting in the truck bed?” Yale grabbed his phone, checked Google and BAM!

A great product once you figure out how to get the hose into the truck gas tank.

Used it twice on our first boondocking trip. Worked great and no worries about gas cans in the back of the truck.

Author: Bob Kevoian

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