We got up extra early to tear down, load up and hitch ourselves to the tow vehicle!! There was just enough time to take one last walk along the boardwalk to see the sunrise over the marshland. We were sad to leave the wilderness, but we’re on our way to Disney’s version of wilderness, so we’ll see how they compare.

How ‘bout this: a dump station with lovely palm trees!

How ‘bout this: a dump station with lovely palm trees!




The drive down Route 98 along the Gulf of Mexico must be some of the most lovely scenery in the United States. There are huge houses, tiny little run-down houses, and long stretches with no houses at all. So much of it has been left undeveloped. Gorgeous.







It took us about 6 1/2 hours to make it to Ft. Wilderness, and we enjoyed the drive with little Vera snoring in the back seat. We were trying hard to beat the sunset, and got to Disney just in time to check in before dark. By the time we made it to site number 56 in Loop 8, it was pitch dark. Backing the June Bug in was a challenge, but Bob worked it like a champ. Success!

We’re looking forward to staying in the same campsite for 7 whole nights….something we’ve never been able to do. Big fun to come!

C’mon Baby, Drive South! – Feb 7th
C’mon Baby, Drive South! – Feb 9th
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